Blue-X® Grow Tubes

Blue-X® grow tubes ship flat and consist of 2 parts, Part-A (inner sheet) and Part-B (outer poly sleeve). Both parts are included in the pack and assemble quickly.  Blue-X® grow tubes measure 3.5-inches in diameter and have an outdoor life of 3-5 years. 

  • Allow the perfect blend of sunlight and temperature for accelerated even root-to-shoot growth.
  • Train the vine to the Cordon/Fruiting wire eliminating multiple costly trips through the vineyard.
  • Have seen Increased vine and tree growth rates up to 150% and Increased yield of first crops.
  • Protect young vines and orchard trees from animal browse, excessive winds & chemical sprays.
  • Reduce shipping costs from those big bulky bags that most tubes come in thanks to our flat compact shipping model.

BLUE-X® has had unmatched success in assisting growers throughout the world in establishing vineyards and orchards of all sizes from small backyard growers to large scale operations for almost three decades.  So put the power of Blue to work for you today with Blue-X® Grow Tubes! 

15-inch (38 cm.) Blue-X® Grow Tube height is designed for Cordon/Fruiting wires 24 - 30 Inches Tall

24-inch (60 cm.) Blue-X® Grow Tube Height is designed for Cordon/Fruiting wires 30 - 36-Inches Tall

30-inch (76 cm.) Blue-X® Grow Tube Height is designed for Cordon/Fruiting wires 36 - 72-Inches Tall

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